Tori’s first book, ‘Peak Performance’, was published on 7 January 2013.

Tori tells the story of how she became the first Welsh woman in history to climb to the summit of Mount Everest.

peak performance video thumbnailTori is a trailblazer for anybody who wishes to channel ambition and exceed their potential. In this, her first book, she outlines her fascinating journey from the hills of Pembrokeshire to the mountains of Nepal.

She was aptly born in a blizzard, which may explain her fascination with conquering the coldest places on earth. “I love the cold!” said Tori, “I was born in the depths of winter but my sister was born at the height of summer and absolutely loves the heat, so there must be something in it”.

Peak Performance: The First Welsh Woman to Climb Everest (Accent Press), is one of seven new Quick Reads titles for Wales in 2013.

Angharad Tomos, Head of the Children’s Books and Reading Promotion Department at the Welsh Books Council, added: “The Quick Reads / Stori Sydyn campaign is gaining momentum and encouraging thousands of people – many of whom may not have read a book before – to give reading a go. Tori James’ story is truly inspirational and one which will hopefully encourage more people to follow their own dreams and achieve the seemingly impossible”.

Tori also features in the following titles:

Fastpacking: multi-day running adventures by Lily Dyu.

Fastpacking is quite simply what you get when you combine running, hiking and backpacking. The chapter titled ‘Fisherman’s Friends” shares a two day running adventure completed by Tori & friends in search of a bothy in the Brecon Beacons.


Famous Old Breconians

A book exploring some of the notable people who went to school at Christ College Brecon.

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Twitter reviews

“A must read for anyone who enjoys the outdoors or anyone just looking for some #inspiration”

“Think that's the fastest I've ever read a book! Was great read and motivational”

“Just finished @torijtweets book about her epic Everest climb! Awesome! Read it!! :-)”