British Exploring annual expedition presentations

British Exploring JournalYesterday I attended an annual event which never fails to demonstrate the positive, life-changing impact of overseas expeditions. In January, expedition participants with British Exploring return to the Royal Geographical Society to present their experiences and achievements. The auditorium was packed full of young explorers, leaders and parents and we listened inspirational stories from the Amazon jungle, Namibia, the Sinai desert, Oman, Norway and Morocco.

At one point I felt sure I was watching a David Attenborough documentary. The gap-year expedition to Oman had managed to capture rare footage of the Arabian Leopard using thermal imaging technology.

In Norway, young explorers were able to record for themselves the extent of a glacial ice in Arctic Finnmark and compare this to photographs taken in 1994. The evidence of glacial retreat was clear for all to see.

Congratulations to all the expedition members. I’m looking forward to reading the annual journal for more detail.