A ‘Capital Experience’ with Career Academies UK

Capital ExperienceDelivering a motivational speech to 1500 students on stage at the Royal Festival Hall in London has to go down as one of my favourite speaking experiences to date. The atmosphere was electric, helped by the inspiring performances from drummers Batala UK & GF Drums and host Lee Jackson. My message to the sea of students sat in front of me was simply this:

“Aim for base camp and you’ll only get to base camp. If you aim for the summit I can guarantee you’ll surprise yourself. The key ingredient to achieving your goals is self belief. You have to do the things you’re passionate about and only you can decide what they are.”

To follow, Action Jackson took to the stage and turned an already energised audience into one completely fired up about their futures. Continuing the climbing analogies, Action Jackson said,

“Go the extra mile because it’s not crowded there,” and, “The only way to get to the TOP is to go ‘over-the-top’.”

Career Academies UK helps raise young people’s aspirations and bridge the gap between education and work by giving them access to real experience of the world of work.