where were you for the Royal wedding?

Rounding Pantshiri Where were you on Friday 29 April? Glued to a television set, waving flags on the Mall? The Royal Wedding was a fabulous occasion, and so too was an event taking place in the heart of the Cambrian Mountains of mid-Wales, the 1st Great Tregaron Walking Weekend.

It never fails to amaze me what you will find and see when you step off the main roads and thoroughfares and venture onto one of the many public footpaths that criss-cross our country. It’s as if you’re suddenly transported into a different place, with different views, noises and smells. On Saturday, as part of the 1st Great Tregaron Walking Weekend, I had the opportunity to venture out with 40 walkers on the 11 mile ‘Cwm Berwyn’ walk from Tregaron and I was not disappointed. This walk is one of 7 walks that have been designed for walkers of all abilities and which has been published in a new guide, ‘Tregaron Trails’. It had a bit of everything; lush green fields with baby lambs, open moorland, meandering streams, dense forest as well as a wonderful view from Garn Fawr. And of course, some brilliant conversation with both local walkers and visitors and an entertaining game of bingo on route!

Thanks to a small group of local people, the town of Tregaron (not far from Aberystwyth) has just secured the ‘Walkers are Welcome‘ status which aims to promote the area as a location for walkers, increase tourism and boost the rural economy. The enthusiasm for the project was evident; the Talbot Hotel was even selling a ‘Legs 11’ ale which had been brewed specially for the event and which comes highly reccommended after sampling a few pints with the first Welshman to climb Everest, Caradog Jones!

And if you’re not already curious about what the town has to offer, you must take a visit simply to discover more about Twm Sion Cati (Wales’ own Robin Hood) and the local folklore which states that an elephant is buried in the garden behind the pub!

The success of the weekend was down to a small team of local people who love walking and who are keen to see Tregaron grow into a ‘mini-Chamonix’. A special mention goes to Dafydd Wyn Morgan whose energy, ambition and humour have no doubt been a driving force behind this project. Thanks for the invitation and congratulations to you all. I hope to visit again soon and I will be taking ‘Tori doll’ with me on my next adventure.

For a copy of the Tregaron Trails booklet visit www.walktregaron.co.uk (also available in Welsh)

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