at TEDxCardiff

TEDxCardiffTEDxCardiff is one of many great reasons to live in Cardiff.

TED started in the US and TED Talks inspire millions of people around the world each year by sharing online videos from a diverse range of speakers. They are designed to provoke thought, action and to entertain.

Thanks to the ambition of two Cardiff based creatives, Neil Cocker and Claire Scantlebury, TED has been bought to Cardiff and yesterday they hosted the second TEDxCardiff at the Wales Millennium Centre. I was honoured to be invited and to be in a line-up with some fascinating speakers.

I listened, learnt and contemplated. There was something for everyone, from the impact of social media on friendships to the suggestion that Google is conscious; the ever-changing importance of global climate change; the inequalities in vaccination information and enforcement; new medical science and the art of printing kidneys; art by offenders in prison; life with and without the Big Chill; encouraging creativity in education; space and science fiction and the idea that you, I, the world we inhabit is simply insignificant when considering the wider universe.

I talked about how a personal childhood experience and how the things that people say to you, can have a huge and positive impact on your approach and attitude to goals and challenges. “Success comes in cans, not can’ts”. (Quote, Anon.) For me, it comes in jam jars.

Videos will be online soon.