Lunchtime adventures in Cardiff Bay

On 15 June 1910, the Terra Nova set sail from Cardiff. This ship was to take Captain Scott and his team on a voyage around the world to Antarctica for an inhospitable journey to the South Pole. They succeeded in their goal, but found that they had been beaten by the Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen. Sadly, Scott and his team died on the return journey.

As part of the celebrations for the 100th Anniversary of Scott’s departure I am part of a series of lunchtime talks at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay. Bring your sandwiches or enjoy a selection of Norwegian specialities from the café and have yourself a lunchtime adventure.


26 May 2010 – Turning Hot Ideas into Cold, Hard Reality – Tori James

2 June 2010 – Antarctic Oasis – Clive Woodman

9 June 2010 – SS Terra Nova – Mike Tarver

16 June 2010 – Scott and the “Antartist” – Rowan Huntley

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